Vervante Books Etc

Our Purpose

To provide an exceptional publishing experience and empower our clients with the knowledge, flexibility and customized solutions to create powerful connections, ignite positive change, and stimulate personal and professional growth for authors and their audiences.

Our Customers

We are proud to serve the publishing needs of world-class entrepreneurs and business owners, right alongside home-based solo business owners, authors and leaders within a wide range of industries including health and fitness, personal development, finance, food, and more.

We also work with international corporations including IBM, Juniper Networks, and Altova Software who have trusted us for more than 15 years as their go-to resource for printing thousands of books, training manuals, and other essential products.

Our Core Values

  • HONOR & INTEGRITY - We are committed to a culture of honor and integrity throughout all we do.
  • EXCELLENCE - We are committed to providing high-quality products, exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations for the people we serve.
  • DEDICATION - We dedicate all of our energy, enthusiasm and vigor to help our clients express their ideas and bring their creative and professional visions to life.
  • FREEDOM - We empower our clients with the ability to create what they want, how they want it. And we never add hidden fees, extra expenses, or red-tape hassles that put publishing out of their reach.

Our Plan

To be a trusted team member and valued resource for our clients by providing the expertise, flexibility and freedom to ensure a successful experience. To provide industry insight, personalized support and step-by-step guidance throughout each project so that our clients can share their message, elevate their brand, and stand out in a crowd.

Our Results

Vervante is a leading international on-demand publishing and distribution company providing customized solutions for authors, entrepreneurs and businesses to create and distribute products quickly and easily - and without hidden fees or hassles. Since 2001 we have worked with thousands of authors and business owners throughout the world giving them the freedom and flexibility to turn their publishing dreams into reality.


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