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Hardware -- SMS 1000 and SMS 1800 (for AOS 6.1.3 release)

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Describes the SMS™ 1000 and SMS 1800 platforms, which include the optional SL enhancement (the next stage in subscriber management technology), delivering advanced throughput and IP services processing performance for leading edge broadband services.

This guide includes descriptions of the SMS 1000 and SMS 1800 components, system and I/O modules, configurations, and site requirements; suggestions for planning the installation; procedures to install, expand, and service the SMS 1000 and SMS 1800 system and components, including their supported I/O modules; information on monitoring and troubleshooting the system; SMS 1000 and SMS 1800 physical specifications; a worksheet for configuring and installing the SMS 1000 or SMS 1800 device; and load resistor requirements and installation procedures.

Hardware -- SMS 1000 and SMS 1800 (for AOS 6.1.3 release)

Price: $28.00
Pages: 170
Date Published: November 15, 2004
Author: Redback Networks
Part Number: V4081301279
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