Do Not Conform to This World Bible Study

Deanetta Thompson

Do Not Conform to This World Bible Study workbook deals with everyday life issues in this generation. Jesus predicted great terrors and great signs from heaven will happen during end times all earthly things will be demolished (Luke 21:5-11). Human behavior will become unbearable to society. Children will be disobedient to their parents, and Christians will be persecuted for standing firm on Godís Word.

We are truly living in these last and evil days. Do not conform to the world's behaviors. Do Not Conform to This World Bible study will challenge you to think differently than the world. This Bible study can help you maintain or strengthen your relationship with God by:

Examining Godís laws, He created for this land.

Discussing manís errors versus scriptures.

Showing you how to apply His Words to your everyday lifeís struggles.

Bonuses Include:

A Bible study video to accommodate this workbook.

You will get a PDF download for your tablet.

There will be a Facebook group to discuss chapters and scriptures.

There will be bonus handouts in the group to further this discussion.

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Date Published: April 19, 2018
ISBN: 9781948404211
Author: Deanetta Thompson
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