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We are proud to feature IBM Redbooks. IBM Redbooks are how-to technical manuals written by developers for developers. Featuring step-by-step, tested instructions, they provide solutions for specific IBM-related projects. Since they're updated and printed on demand, you're assured to get the latest information.

GPFS: A Parallel File System

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GPFS: A Parallel File System

General Parallel File System for AIX (GPFS) provides the first implementation of a truly standard parallel file system for the
RS/6000 SP.

This redbook describes the installation, configuration, and use of
GPFS on the RS/6000 SP. It provides examples and step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring GPFS Version 1.1.

A set of common applications and services, such as Lotus Notes Domino Server, MPI Applications, and NFS Servers, have been tested in this environment, and the results have been included in the book.

The book was written for people who are looking for guidance and advice on how to implement GPFS and how to
choose the best configuration for each particular implementation. Those looking for a deeper understanding of GPFS will also find this book very helpful and detailed.

Although the book is not oriented to providing procedures for problem determination on GPFS, it contains several hints, tips and workarounds for common problems or misconfigurations.

After a brief overview and some discussion about the benefits of using GPFS as the file system of choice for the RS/6000 SP, the book unfolds all the details about this new product, including migration and compatibility issues.

A parallel file system for the RS/6000 SP has arrived, and this book has covered it all. Enjoy!
Price: $43.00 $34.00
Pages: 254
Date Published: May 7, 1998
ISBN: 0738403083
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5165-00
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