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31-bit Addressing in PL/I for VSE Getting Started

TOP : Application Development

31-bit Addressing in PL/I for VSE Getting Started

This document is unique in its detailed coverage of 31-bit
addressing considerations in a system with LE for VSE and PL/I for VSE
installed. It provides detailed guidance on setting up and running a
system to provide effective initial exploitation of 31-bit addressing
for the PL/I user in a VSE/ESA environment.

This document was written for systems programmers and administrators
of installations that plan to migrate their applications from DOS PL/I
to PL/I for VSE in order to gain the advantages of 31-bit exploitation
both in batch and on-line. Some knowledge of CICS/VSE, the PL/I
language, and 31-bit principles is assumed.
Price: $28.00 $22.00
Pages: 104
Date Published: January 25, 1995
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: GG24-4271-00
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