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AS/400 Communication Definition Examples III

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AS/400 Communication Definition Examples III

This document contains a number of communication scenarios all
involving the AS/400 system in one way or another. It is intended
to give the communication system specialist some real-world examples
of configuration as a basis for setting up links between the AS/400
and many other systems.

Connectivity to S/390, other AS/400s, remote work stations like the
3174 and 5x94, PS/2s, RS/6000s, and OEM systems like DEC MicroVAX,
HP 9000-720; via protocols like SDLC, X.25, ISDN, TRLAN, X.21,
SNA/APPN, and TCP/IP, all make for a wide range of connectivity
solutions at your finger tips.

By using these sample scenarios which are complete with
configuration details you can set up connections with your AS/400
very quickly. After establishing a connection using these definitions,
you can customize your network to meet your particular needs. This can
save both time and money.
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Date Published: December 19, 1994
Author: IBM Redbooks
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