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DFSMS FIT: Fast Implementation Techniques Forms and Foils

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DFSMS FIT: Fast Implementation Techniques Forms and Foils

This document provides the foils and forms used in the DFSMS FIT
process to implement DFSMS in two to three weeks. It is intended to
be used by an experienced DFSMS implementation person while they lead
a new DFSMS customer through implementation using the DFSMS FIT
process to produce a simple and good DFSMS implementation.

It is assumed that the customer is positioned to begin DFSMS
implementation before starting the DFSMS FIT process. A description
of the DFSMS FIT process and the activities that should be completed
before the start of DFSMS FIT are provided in SG24-2568, 'Getting
DFSMS FIT:Fast Implementation Techniques'.

Examples of nine customers that used the DFSMS FIT approach for their
initial DFSMS implementation can be found in 'DFSMS FIT:Fast
Implementation Techniques Installation Examples', SG24-2569. This
document contains documentation of the key output steps of the DFSMS
FIT process for each of these customers.

'DFSMS FIT:Fast Implementation Techniques Process Guide:',
SG24-4478, contains text on how to use each of the foils and forms in
this document.
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Pages: 400
Date Published: October 16, 1995
ISBN: 0738407593
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-2570-00
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