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AIX Application Development and How to Migrate and Enhance Your Legacy Applications

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AIX Application Development and How to Migrate and Enhance Your Legacy Applications

This document describes the downsizing of a DATABASE 2 business application
from an IBM mainframe running MVS to the RISC System/6000 and AIX/6000. The
project included a minimal effort migration of the COBOL application and its
database to AIX, replacement of its ISPF panels with a graphical user
interface using AIXwindows Interface Composer/6000 (AIC/6000), maintenance
and testing of both AIX and MVS versions of the application on AIX, and
reimplementation of the application in C++ on AIX. Software baselines for
all AIX and MVS versions of the application were controlled on AIX. The
purpose of the project was to evaluate and exercise the several application
development products available for the AIX platform in the context of a
realistic application development effort. These products were SDE
WorkBench/6000, SDE Integrator/6000 and several AIX application development
products which are integrated with SDE WorkBench/6000 including:
AIXwindows Interface Composer/6000 (AIC/6000), Configuration Management
Version Control/6000 (CMVC/6000), XL C, XL C++, Micro Focus COBOL and Micro
Focus COBOL Toolbox for AIX. This volume focuses on the programming issues
involved in the migration and modernization of the application, and on the
use and tailoring of the AIX products supporting the edit, compile, and
debug activities.
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Date Published: June 22, 1995
Author: IBM Redbooks
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