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AIX Tape Management

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AIX Tape Management

This redbook provides a comprehensive guide to AIX tape management.

Until recently in UNIX environments, magnetic tapes were used primarily
for product installation and image backups of the system. Today, UNIX
systems are used more and more for mission-critical applications, and
more and more important data is stored these systems. Tapes, drives, an
libraries, and tools for managing them, are required to handle the data.

Powerful facilities for managing tapes have been developed over the year
in the mainframe environment. These facilities are now finding their
way to the UNIX environment.

We describe the facilities provided in the native AIX operating system
and the additional facilities provided by ADSM, NetTAPE, and CLIO/S.

ADSM provides facilities such as data management, tape library support,
and ADSM tape volume inventory management. NetTAPE provides facilities such as
remote tape access, centralized operator interfaces, and tape drive and
library sharing among applications and systems. CLIO/S provides
facilities such as transparent sharing of tape data among applications
running on an MVS platform and multiple AIX systems.

This redbook is written for system, storage, and UNIX administrators
who want to learn more about managing tapes in an AIX environment.
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Pages: 196
Date Published: August 31, 1996
ISBN: 0738409480
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-4705-00
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