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Cool Title About the AS/400 and Internet

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Cool Title About the AS/400 and Internet

This redbook is instrumental in the access and use of the Internet
(or your own intranet) from your AS/400. It helps you understand
how to use the functions and features available with V3R2 of OS/400
and the TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities/400, also known as
the Internet Connection for AS/400. This document can also be used
for V3R7 of OS/400 due to the functional equivalence with V3R2.

This redbook helps you get your AS/400 'plugged in' to the Internet
with a discussion of Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN)
and both dial-out and dial-in SLIP connections.

We then will address some traditional TCP/IP applications like
e-mail with MIME and POP3 enhancements, Telnet, FTP with new APIs to
provide anonymous access, Gopher, and AS/400 security issues.

Then, we will detail the new 'cool' side to the AS/400 with the
World Wide Web (WWW) HTTP server as part of the Internet Connection for
AS/400. Topics such as CGI programming, access to DB2/400 data via
DB2WWW macros, and the 5250 Workstation Gateway that converts legacy
5250 applications to the language of the web (HTML) are addressed with
implementation details and example programs.

This book is written for V3R2 of OS/400. For an updated Version 4 look at the same topics see [V4 TCP/IP for AS/400: More Cool Things Than Ever, SG24-5190]
Price: $49.00 $39.00
Pages: 318
Date Published: November 12, 1996
ISBN: 0738409677
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-4815-01
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