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RS/6000 Graphics Handbook

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RS/6000 Graphics Handbook

This redbook summarizes the graphics capabilities of RS/6000 systems and discusses the various graphics adapters that can be installed, as well as the APIs available.

We introduce the reader to graphic hardware and explain the terms used in the announcement letter of graphics adapters. We describe graphics adapters for the RS/6000 systems, including withdrawn graphics adapters. We summarize the displays available to connect those graphics adapters as well as the cables that are needed to connect those displays with the corresponding adapters. We describe the various peripherals that can be connected to an RS/6000 system to enhance the userĘs interaction with the applications.

We describe the 2D APIs (X11, motif and CDE) and provide answers to frequently asked questions. We then describe the X Virtual Frame Buffer and softgraphics and the APIs that let the software take the place of the hardware.

Then we describe in detail each API, so that the reader can knowledgeably compare the four 3D APIs.

Finally, we discuss benchmark programs. We focus on the standard benchmark from the Graphics Performance Characterization Group. We also supply the latest results for all the IBM graphics adapters.

This redbook will be useful to sales people who have to propose a graphic configuration and must choose among many adapters, peripherals and software. This redbook can also be used as a reference for support people who need to know the technical characteristics of graphics adapters and which filesets to install to support various functions in a given environment.
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Pages: 298
Date Published: March 30, 1999
ISBN: 0738412775
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5130-00
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