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Enhanced Catalog Sharing and Management

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Enhanced Catalog Sharing and Management

This redbook will help you implement, tailor and configure Enhanced Catalog Sharing (ECS), which was introduced with DFSMS/MVS 1.5. It uses a concise step-by-step approach, taking you through the considerations and sequence of tasks necessary to perform a successful implementation of ECS in your Parallel Sysplex .

This redbook gives you a broad understanding of the Integrated Catalog Facility (ICF) with respect to its design, structure and evolution. The manner in which ECS exploits the Parallel Sysplex architecture is explained, along with the performance and recovery benefits that this allows you to enjoy. The changed commands and operational considerations for ECS are introduced to allow you to take advantage of the new functionality immediately. Additionally, this redbook shows how symbolic substitution and Extended Alias Support is implemented, and how to realize performance gains by using the Catalog Search Interface (CSI) in place of the LISTCAT command.

This redbook is intended for experienced storage administrators familiar with both DFSMSdfp and ICF. New users of DFSMSdfp and ICF may like to read DFSMS/MVS V1R5 DFSMSdfp Storage Administration Reference, SC26-4920, and also Managing Catalogs, SC26-4914 before reading this redbook, to familiarize themselves with the concepts and commands that are covered here. This redbook is not intended to give an in-depth understanding of Parallel Sysplex .

First, we introduce the ICF and its evolution, and explain the business problem that ECS solves. We show the considerations that installations must take into account when planning to implement the ECS solution, and the commands, JCL, and operational considerations necessary. We cover backup and recovery considerations applicable to ECS and the ICF, and the structural integrity of the ECS and the ICF, with preventative and reactive measures that can be taken by the user.
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Pages: 146
Date Published: August 26, 1999
ISBN: 0738413860
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5594-00
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