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We are proud to feature IBM Redbooks. IBM Redbooks are how-to technical manuals written by developers for developers. Featuring step-by-step, tested instructions, they provide solutions for specific IBM-related projects. Since they're updated and printed on demand, you're assured to get the latest information.

Oracle8i Parallel Server on IBM SP Systems: Implementation Guide

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Oracle8i Parallel Server on IBM SP Systems: Implementation Guide

This redbook is designed to help you install, tailor, and configure the new Oracle8i Parallel Server, Release 8.1.5 (OPS), on an IBM RS/6000 SP System. It walks you through the process of creating both a small starter multi-instance database and a larger (about 1 TB) example multi-instance database. The instructions are fairly detailed and include the specific commands that are needed to accomplish the tasks at hand.

This redbook is written in cookbook style and pertains only to an IBM SP environment running AIX 4.3.2 or later and PSSP 3.1 or later. It is primarily intended for anyone responsible for:
Installing and configuring OPS
Creating a multi-instance OPS database
Administering OPS
This redbook also discusses the following topics:
Multi CPU technologies, such as SMP, clusters, and MPP (shared-nothing and shared-disk)
OPS - IBM RS/6000 SP architecture
Installing and configuring IBM Virtual Shared Disks (VSD)
Price: $35.00 $28.00
Pages: 174
Date Published: December 21, 1999
ISBN: 0738415014
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5591-00
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