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RS/6000 X.25 Cookbook

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RS/6000 X.25 Cookbook

This document is intended for users of AIXLink/X.25 V1.1.3 Licensed
Program Product.

This document describes the set up and testing of X.25 communications on
the RISC System/6000. It explains, step-by-step, how to install hardware
and software, customize the X.25 support, test the connection to the
network, and establish a virtual call between two systems. The use of the
APIs available and the setup of the included PAD of TCP/IP and SNA 3270
emulator in an X.25 environment are also described. Descriptions of the
X.25 concepts, components, and protocols are also included.

This document is intended for customers and system engineers who plan to
install X.25 Licensed Program Product (LPP) communications on the RISC
System/6000. A knowledge of AIX/6000 is assumed.
Price: $47.00 $37.00
Pages: 282
Date Published: November 19, 1996
ISBN: 0738416002
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-4475-01
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