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All You Need to Know When Migrating from IBM Firewall for AS/400

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All You Need to Know When Migrating from IBM Firewall for AS/400

This IBM Redbook helps you to plan and perform migration from the withdrawn IBM Firewall for AS/400 product to a successor product. The intended audience includes network security administrators or consultants who are in charge of migrating the AS/400 firewall to a successor product.

You are guided through the considerations to be taken into account when planning the migration and selecting a successor product. You see how and what information needs to be collected to successfully apply the current firewall security rules to a new product or environment. In some cases, the replacement firewall products do not have the same set of functions that were available on IBM Firewall for AS/400. In such cases, the new solution combines a firewall product and native OS/400 functions.

Three possible migration paths are shown to the following firewall products:
- AXENT Raptor firewall
- Check Point FireWall-1
- Cisco PIX firewall
Advanced firewall, Internet, and TCP/IP skills are recommended to perform the migration as described in this book.
Price: $55.00 $44.00
Pages: 370
Date Published: June 27, 2000
ISBN: 0738417211
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6152-00
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