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IBM Communications Server for AIX, V6 New Features and Implementation Scenarios

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IBM Communications Server for AIX, V6 New Features and Implementation Scenarios

This new release of Communications Server for AIX includes many new features and functions that make CS/AIX a more important player in bridging the e-business gap between the Internet and critical legacy data applications. Support for secure TN3270 communications with SSL and load balancing with SLP are critical in insuring secure and consistent communications with the host. Support for high performance routing, branch network configurations, and channel attachment are significant in that they allow placement of Communications Server anywhere it benefits performance most in the customer's IP or SNA network.

This book covers the new features and functions in Communications Server for AIX, Version 6. Each feature is explained. Implementation steps are listed for most features, and sample scenarios are reviewed to give a better understanding of where a feature or function may fit in your networking environment.

Guidelines given in this redbook are general. Several scenarios are included, and although actual customer networks most likely will differ, these scenarios serve as examples for customers to develop proper plans to expand or migrate their networks to meet future business requirements. Customers are invited to engage IBM in the planning process.
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Pages: 244
Date Published: June 30, 2000
ISBN: 0738417874
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5947-00
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