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Implementing Fibre Channel Attachment on the ESS

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Implementing Fibre Channel Attachment on the ESS

The new Fibre Channel (FC) attachment on the ESS addresses connectivity issues. The limitations seen on SCSI in terms of distance, addressability and performance are gone with Fibre Channel attachment. The very rich connectivity options made possible by Fibre Channel technology have fueled the concept of SANs in the last year or two. Fibre Channel is the infrastructure of the SAN.

Fibre Channel attachment is not just a replacement of the parallel SCSI interface based on copper cables by a serial, fiber optic based interface. In view of today∆s operating system islands, it is more likely the entry into future universal data access.

This IBM Redbook will help you install, tailor and configure Fibre Channel (FC) attachment of Open Systems hosts to the IBM Enterprise Storage Server (ESS).

It gives a broad understanding of the procedures involved and describes the prerequisites and requirements, and then shows you how to implement FC attachment for each of the announced Open Systems platforms.

This redbook also describes the steps required to migrate to direct FC attachment from native SCSI adapters and from FC attachment via the SAN Data Gateway (SDG).
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Pages: 150
Date Published: September 29, 2000
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6113-00
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