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We are proud to feature IBM Redbooks. IBM Redbooks are how-to technical manuals written by developers for developers. Featuring step-by-step, tested instructions, they provide solutions for specific IBM-related projects. Since they're updated and printed on demand, you're assured to get the latest information.

B2B Collaborative Commerce with Sametime, QuickPlace and WebSphere Commerce Suite

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B2B Collaborative Commerce with Sametime, QuickPlace and WebSphere Commerce Suite

This IBM Redbook illustrates how Lotus Sametime and Lotus QuickPlace can be combined with IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite to provide collaborative commerce solutions.

After a general introduction to collaborative commerce, we tale the reader step-by-step through an application we implemented for this redbook. We designed this application to illustrate a wide variety of topics to consider when combining these products to create a collaborative commerce solution.

Among the issues we discuss are application topology, directory integration, data security, scalability, performance, and availability. We describe setup of VisualAge for Java for development with the Sametime 2.0 toolkit, and we identify where the virtual place technology provided by Lotus products is used in the application.

In the second part of the book we discuss integration details for QuickPlace, Sametime, and WebSphere Commerce Suite. We show how to use these products together to implement a number of capabilities, including:
- Awareness, which lets the customer service agent know who is on the Web site and what are they doing
- Live help to enable users to get immediately in touch with a customer service agent by clicking a help link
- Web page redirection to allow the customer service agent to redirect the user's browser to another page
- The ability to create QuickPlaces (private secure spaces) on the fly
- A way to show users a list of all their QuickPlaces
The additional Web material for this redbook contains the files we used for our QuickPlace customization and a Sametime application that illustrates many of the techniques in the book.
Price: $44.00 $35.00
Pages: 268
Date Published: August 30, 2001
ISBN: 0738419737
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6218-00
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