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Extending Network Management Through Firewalls

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Extending Network Management Through Firewalls

Today's networked environment requires a high degree of security, which means that network management poses many new challenges. Using Tivoli NetView and associated technologies, this redbook will address key network security and management architecture, design, and implementation issues.

This redbook addresses several fundamental issues:
- A best-practice network management architecture to manage a DMZ (eBusiness)
- How to manage the availability of multiple ISP connections to the Internet (eBusiness)
- Which ports are needed for discovery, polling, and communications between NetView and associated products
- Examples of implementing remote network management using VPN or Secure Shell tunnelling
- How to configure Checkpoint Firewall-1 and IBM SecureWay Firewall for network management communications
- Best practices for managing networks behind a firewall
This book is essential in planning secure NetView-based network management solutions. This redbook will provide invaluable information for both network and security management professionals.
Price: $58.00 $46.00
Pages: 396
Date Published: June 14, 2001
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6229-00
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