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Applying the Patterns for e-business to Domino and WebSphere Scenarios

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Applying the Patterns for e-business to Domino and WebSphere Scenarios

The Patterns for e-business are a group of proven, reusable assets that can speed the process of developing applications.

In this IBM Redbook we describe the Application Integration patterns, and how, together with one or more of the other Patterns for e-business, they form Composite Patterns. We look at Runtime patterns for Domino and WebSphere integration, and identify the Composite Patterns in action. Some of these patterns also include Lotus Sametime and Tivoli Policy Director.

A major part of the book is spent describing three real-life scenarios where Patterns for e-business are applied and Domino and WebSphere are part of the runtime topology. We start from the business requirements, then identify and apply the applicable Business, Application, and Runtime patterns to get to our own runtime topology. We review a simple scenario, and then increase the complexity in the following scenarios. We discuss technology options, and design and development guidelines for the solutions as well.

Security considerations have their own chapter, where we investigate a scenario purely from the security angle. Finally, in the last chapter we look at the options for creating a scalable and high availability run-time infrastructure for solutions based on Domino and WebSphere. This involves discussion of WebSphere Edge Server and Lotus Internet Cluster Manager (ICM).
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Pages: 304
Date Published: October 19, 2001
ISBN: 0738422525
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6255-00
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