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An EAI Solution using WebSphere Business Integration (V4.1)

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An EAI Solution using WebSphere Business Integration (V4.1)

In the world of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), there is no one size fits all solution. This is why the IBM WebSphere software platform contains a number of complementary technology offerings that provide EAI functionality. In this IBM Redbook we describe the use of WebSphere Business Integration. In addition to WebSphere MQ itself, which forms the foundation, we discuss four additional components:
- MQSeries Workflow (MQWF)
- IBM CrossWorlds Interchange Server (ICS)
- WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker
- WebSphere Business Integration Adapters
This redbook explores the different approaches to EAI provided by these products, their pros and cons in specific situations, and how to make the best technology choice for each situation. We build a sample case where all these products are configured to work together to provide one integrated solution. We discuss why we chose each product for its specific task in the design. We also demonstrate the integration between the components in each case.
This IBM Redbook will help you install, tailor and configure the new WebSphere Business Integration product bundle, and provides a broad understanding of WebSphere Business Integration, so that you can design/create a solution to integrate back-end systems and manage an end-to-end business process using WebSphere Business Integration (and specifically the InterChange Server).
Price: $75.00 $60.00
Pages: 578
Date Published: July 22, 2003
ISBN: 0738426547
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6849-00
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