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IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800

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IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800

This IBM redbook describes the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800, its architecture, its logical design, hardware design and components, advanced functions, performance features, and specific characteristics. The information contained in this redbook will be useful for those who need a general understanding of this powerful model of disk enterprise storage server, as well as for those looking for a more detailed understanding on how the ESS Model 800 is designed and operates. In addition to the logical and physical description of the ESS Model 800, also the fundamentals of the configuration process are described in this redbook. This is all useful information for the IT storage person for the proper planning and configuration when installing the ESS, as well as for the efficient management of this powerful storage subsystem.

Characteristics of the ESS Model 800 described in this redbook include the advanced copy functions: FlashCopy, Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy, PPRC Extended Distance, Extended Remote Copy, and Concurrent Copy. Also the performance features of the ESS are explained, so that the user can better optimize the storage resources at the computing center. Other characteristics of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800 described in this redbook, include: new cluster SMP processors, with a Turbo feature option; 2 GB non-volatile storage; double bandwidth CPI (common parts interconnect); 2 Gb Fibre Channel / FICON host adapters; 64 GB cache option; new more powerful SSA device adapters; RAID 10 and RAID 5 rank configuration; disk capacity intermix; 18.2 GB, 36.4 GB and 72.8 GB disks; 10,000 and 15,000 rpm disks; disk speed intermix (rpm); 32K large volume support; CUIR (control-unit-initiated reconfiguration); ESS Master Console; additional PPRC connectivity options.
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Pages: 306
Date Published: September 3, 2002
ISBN: 0738426628
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6424-00
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