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Converting to DFSMSrmm from Control-T

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Converting to DFSMSrmm from Control-T

DFSMSrmm is the IBM tape management system for OS/390 and z/OS platforms. As part of DFSMS, DFSMSrmm is completely integrated into the IBM storage management strategy. This allows easier installation and maintenance, as well as standard interfaces with other systems components, such as DFSMSdfp and DFSMShsm.

DFSMSrmm provides a simple and flexible tape management environment, with support for all tape technologies, including IBM automated tape libraries, manual tapes, and other tape libraries.

This IBM Redbook is written for people who are planning to convert from Control-T to DFSMSrmm. We have designed this book to help you with all aspects of the conversion, from the early planning stage through implementation and customization of DFSMSrmm into your production system.

We provide details on the differences between DFSMSrmm and Control-T and compare the terminology, data, and functions. We also explain how to use the IBM-supplied sample conversion programs, validate the converted data, and prepare it for use in a production environment. Working samples that are ready for use both during and after conversion are included.
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Pages: 474
Date Published: March 31, 2003
ISBN: 0738428353
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6243-01
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