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A Systems Management Guide to Performance Management for i5 and p5 Systems

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A Systems Management Guide to Performance Management for i5 and p5 Systems

IBM Performance Management (PM) for the IBM i5 and IBM p5 family of processors are two service offerings delivered remotely via the Web. They can be a key element of your systems management strategy. Whether you have one system, a network of many systems, or several stand-alone systems, the PM offerings provide reports and graphics that allow you to:

- Quickly identify systems or logical partitions that are resource constrained
- Balance the resources on a logically partitioned system
- Evaluate resource constraints during peak production windows
- Analyze day-to-day job scheduling
- Evaluate growth options by passing the PM data to the IBM Systems Workload Estimator

Because you are able to review the data for a particular day or time of day, you can quickly determine when constraints occur. This allows you to perform further detailed analysis or adjust the workload on the system.

The topics in this IBM Redbook support the growing need and recommendation to treat IBM Performance Management as a fundamental yet critical component of a systems management strategy. It defines how you can make the PM offering a part of your systems management strategy, explains how you use the interactive offerings, and specifies how you navigate within the components of the offering.
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Pages: 188
Date Published: October 26, 2007
ISBN: 0738488518
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-7122-02
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