The Chronic Pain Medical Journal

Melanie Lamb

The Chronic Pain Medical Journal

The Chronic Pain Medical Journal is methodically designed for those living with chronic pain conditions, their caregivers, and physicians overseeing their health care and wellness treatment programs.

This journal is an easy to use resource to create a pathway for a more cohesive relationship between patients and health care professionals.


-Encourages systematic daily documentation by patients.

-Enables clear and thorough communication between patients and health care physicians.

-Gives health care providers a better picture of the patient’s daily life

-Educates the patient about their conditions through journaling.

-Empowers proactive participation by patients.

-Equips patients and physicians with potentially lifesaving data.

-Allows rapid and more accurate identification of triggers, reactions, and various other complications.

Many times, when our pain levels peak, or have been consistently high for days at a time, it becomes difficult to process or relay information. Our bodies become exhausted, and our brains are filled with the fog. In times of extreme flares, it can be too painful to even speak. Keeping a current medical journal will expedite communication with your physicians and healthcare providers while providing them with written documented details that may have otherwise been forgotten or overlooked.

My hope is for this medical journal to serve as a vessel empowering and improving the lives of chronic pain sufferers while also establishing a more cohesive patient and healthcare physician relationship.
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Date Published: June 18, 2019
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