12 Day Sleek Abs Challenge

Katie Tedder

This challenge is specific to strengthening your core without having to use any equipment! It may sound easy, but I promise you will be feeling the burn.

You will have 12 days of workouts that focus on your core. I alternate full body stabilization exercises with isolation exercises. They are all performed in circuit form. The full body movements require your core strength in order to do them correctly. During the isolation exercises, you will be focusing on the upper abs, obliques, and lower abs to see the overall sleekness of your abdominals.

That's not all! You will also have daily nutrition challenges during the next 12 days as well to help you create some healthier habits, if youre not doing so already. You will get stronger by challenging the muscles, but see your hard work as you eat cleaner and towards your health goal.

You will also be provided with a video link so you can follow along to each workout video if that is what you prefer as well.

Exercise and nutrition are both essential in getting optimal results and that is what I want for you.
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Date Published: December 8, 2020
ISBN: 9781733990738
Author: Katie Tedder
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