AS/400 TCP/IP Autoconfiguration: DNS and DHCP Support

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AS/400 TCP/IP Autoconfiguration: DNS and DHCP Support

This redbook describes the new Domain Name System (DNS) server and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server support that are included in OS/400 V4R2.

The information in this redbook helps you install, tailor, configure, and troubleshoot the new DNS and DHCP support on the AS/400 system through examples that evolve from simple to more complex scenarios. It also contains examples that show the integration of the new DNS server support with mail and Internet firewall implementation on the AS/400 system. Scenarios are included to show the use of DHCP to automate the configuration of clients in a TCP/IP network including LAN and twinax-attached IBM Network Stations.

This book is designed to show the use of the AS/400 system implementation of DNS and DHCP through examples. It also references other publications that contain detailed information on DNS, DHCP, and IP addressing.

The intended audience for this redbook includes the system or network administrator who plans, configures, and maintains TCP/IP AS/400 networks.
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Pages: 472
Date Published: May 5, 1998
ISBN: 0738403091
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5147-00
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