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Business Intelligence Certification Guide

The IBM Professional Certification Program offers the certification to become an IBM Certified Solutions Expert Business Intelligence. If you are knowledgeable about IBM's Business Intelligence solutions and the fundamental concepts of DB2 Universal Database, and you are capable of performing the intermediate and advanced skills required to design, develop, and support Business Intelligence applications, you may benefit from this certification role.

This role is applicable to experts who qualify Business Intelligence opportunities, identify the business and technical requirements, and consult, architect and manage Business Intelligence solutions. This is a software-based test that is non-platform, non-product specific, for use by consultants and implementors.

The core requirement for this certification consists of two tests: Test 503, DB2 UDB V5 Fundamentals or Test 509, DB2 UDB V6.1 Fundamentals, and Test 515, Business Intelligence Solutions. For the objectives of this test, see the URL: The ordering of core tests is recommended but not required.

To help you become well prepared to perform this certification, this redbook provides all the information required to pass the Business Intelligence Solutions test.
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