Prepare OS/390 for WebSphere Enterprise Edition

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Prepare OS/390 for WebSphere Enterprise Edition

Prepare an OS/390 R10 System for WebSphere Enterprise Edition.

This book helps you in setting up OS/390 for the IBM WebSphere Application Server for OS/390 Enterprise Edition.

We worked on an OS/390 R10 system setting up IBM WebSphere Application Server 3.02 Enterprise Edition for OS/390 . We are describing the set up for all the necessary components required to run WAS EE. We are however not describing how to set the CB/390 part in details, also not how to deploy EJBs since at the time of writing of this book, IBM WebSphere Application Server 4.0 Enterprise Edition for OS/390 was already on the horizon. Since the deployment of EJBs will be different in WAS EE 4.0 from WAS EE 3.02, we decided to describe this EJB deployment for WAS 4.0 EE in details in a redbook to come.
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Date Published: February 27, 2001
Author: IBM Redbooks
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