DB2 10 for z/OS Technical Overview

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DB2 10 for z/OS Technical Overview

IBM® DB2® Version 10.1 for z/OS® (DB2 10 for z/OS or just DB2 10 throughout this book) is the fourteenth release of DB2 for MVS™. It brings improved performance and synergy with the System z® hardware and more opportunities to drive business value in the following areas:
* Cost savings and compliance through optimized innovations
-- DB2 10 delivers value in this area by achieving up to 10% CPU savings for traditional workloads and up to
20% CPU savings for nontraditional workloads, depending on the environments. Synergy with other IBM System z
platform components reduces CPU use by taking advantage of the latest processor improvements and z/OS enhancements.
-- Streamline security and regulatory compliance through the separation of roles between security and data administrators,
column level security access, and added auditing capabilities.
* Business insight innovations
-- Productivity improvements are provided by new functions available for pureXML®, data warehousing, and traditional
online TP applications
-- Enhanced support for key business partners that allow you to get more from your data in critical business disciplines
like ERP Bitemporal support for applications that need to correlate the validity of data with time.
* Business resiliency innovations
-- Database on demand capabilities to ensure that information design can be changed dynamically, often without
database outages
-- DB2 operations and utility improvements enhancing performance, usability, and availability by exploiting disk
storage technology.

The DB2 10 environment is available either for brand new installations of DB2, or for migrations from DB2 9 for z/OS or from DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8 subsystems.

This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces the enhancements made available with DB2 10 for z/OS. The contents help you understand the new functions and performance enhancements, start planning for exploiting the key new capabilities, and justify the investment in installing or migrating or skip migrating to DB2 10.

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