WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 2 Search Solution Overview and Deployment

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WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 2 Search Solution Overview and Deployment

This IBM® Redbooks® publication focuses on the enhanced search capabilities of the newest release of IBM WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 2. We divided this book into three parts to highlight search business-to-consumer (B2C) and search business-to-business (B2B) use cases and a conceptual overview of the search solution.

This book can help you to enable the search features of WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Feature Pack 2 and set up the WebSphere Commerce search environment, experience the design and management of Solr indexes, and experience several B2C scenarios using the Madisons Feature Pack 2 (FEP2) store.

This book gives you a broad understanding of the WebSphere Commerce integrated search solution that provides control over search results through a new set of search management tools:

    Search term association in the Catalogs tool
  • Marketing web activity tool
  • Marketing dialog activity tool

Search activity tool

This book describes search index life-cycle management and examines each area, such as index building, synchronization, configuration, and replication. This book describes the entitlement feature that is provided through the WebSphere Commerce search framework. We also discuss a B2B use case and provide the implementation using catalog filters and contracts.

This book is designed for use by WebSphere Commerce developers, practitioners, and solution architects in various industries.

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Date Published: August 5, 2011
ISBN: 0738435759
Author: IBM Redbooks
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