IBM Power Systems HMC Implementation and Usage Guide

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IBM Power Systems HMC Implementation and Usage Guide

The IBM® Hardware Management Console (HMC) provides systems administrators a tool for planning, deploying, and managing IBM Power Systems™ servers. This IBM Redbooks® publication is designed for system administrators to use as a desk-side reference when managing partition-capable IBM Power Systems servers by using the HMC.

The major functions that the HMC provides are Power Systems server hardware management and virtualization (partition) management. You can find information about virtualization management in the following documents:
- A Practical Guide for Resource Monitoring and Control (RMC), SG24-6615
- IBM PowerVM Virtualization Introduction and Configuration, SG24-7940
- Implementing IBM Systems Director 6.1, SG24-7694
- Hardware Management Console V7 Handbook, SG24-7491
- IBM PowerVM Live Partition Mobility, SG24-7460
- IBM PowerVM Virtualization Managing and Monitoring, SG24-7590
- Converting Hardware Management Console (HMC) 7042-CR6 or 7042-CR7 Models to RAID1, REDP-4909

The following topics are described:
- Plan to implement the HMC
- Configure the HMC
- Operate the HMC
- Manage software levels on the HMC
- Use service functions on the HMC
- Update firmware of managed systems
- Use IBM System Planning Tool deployments

In addition, there is an explanation on how to use the new HMC graphical user interface and the new HMC commands that are available with HMC Version 7, Release 7, modification 60.

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