Experiences with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 on Linux on System z

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Experiences with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 on Linux on System z

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 is now supported on Linux on IBM® System z®. This platform offers many advantages to customers who rely upon the IBM mainframe systems to run their businesses. Linux on System z takes advantage of the qualities of service in the System z hardware and in IBM z/VM®, making it a robust industrial strength version of Linux. This provides an excellent platform for hosting Oracle solutions that run in an enterprise.

This IBM Redbooks® publication shares experiences that are gained while installing and testing Oracle Database 12c Release 1:

  • Recommendations about how to set up an infrastructure
  • Installing an Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Installing Oracle 12C R1 Real Application Clusters (RAC) and creating a RAC Database, including a multitenant database
  • Using the Cloud Control Agent to manage Oracle Database 12c Release 1
  • Installing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c
  • Upgrading from an Oracle Database from 11gR2 to 12c Release 1

The audience for this publication includes database consultants, installers, administrators, and system programmers. This publication is not meant to replace Oracle documentation, but to supplement it with our experiences while installing and using Oracle products.

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