IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Beyond the Basics

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IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Beyond the Basics

You have installed and performed the basic customization of IBM® Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center. You have collected performance data and generated reports. Now it’s time to learn the best ways to use the software to manage your storage infrastructure. This IBM Redbooks® publication shows the best way to set up the software, based on your storage environment, and then how to use it to manage your infrastructure. It includes experiences from IBM clients and staff and covers the following topics:

  • Architectural design techniques (sizing your environment, single versus multiple installations, physical versus virtual servers, deployment in a large, existing storage infrastructure)
  • Database and server considerations (database backup and restoration methods and scripts, using IBM Data Studio Client for database administration, database placement and relocation, repository sizing and tuning, moving and migrating the server)
  • Alerting, monitoring and reporting (monitoring thresholds and alerts, performance management and analysis of reports, real-time performance monitoring for IBM SAN Volume Controller)
  • Security considerations (Tivoli Storage Productivity Center internal user IDs, user authentication configuration methods, how and why to set up and change passwords, configuring, querying, and testing LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory)
  • Heath checks (server heath and logs, health and recoverability of IBM DB2® databases, using the Database Maintenance tool)
  • Data management techniques (how to spot unusual growth incidents, scripted actions for Tivoli Storage manager and hierarchical storage management)

This book is for storage administrators who are responsible for the performance and growth of the IT storage infrastructure.

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Date Published: January 9, 2017
ISBN: 0738440191
Author: IBM Redbooks
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