Business Process Management Design Guide: Using IBM Business Process Manager

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Business Process Management Design Guide: Using IBM Business Process Manager

IBM® Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) is a comprehensive business process management (BPM) suite that provides visibility and management of your business processes. IBM BPM supports the whole BPM lifecycle approach:
  • Discover and document
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Deploy
  • Manage
  • Optimize

Process owners and business owners can use this solution to engage directly in the improvement of their business processes.

IBM BPM excels in integrating role-based process design, and provides a social BPM experience. It enables asset sharing and creating versions through its Process Center. The Process Center acts as a unified repository, making it possible to manage changes to the business processes with confidence.

IBM BPM supports a wide range of standards for process modeling and exchange. Built-in analytics and search capabilities help to further improve and optimize the business processes.

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides valuable information for project teams and business people that are involved in projects using IBM BPM. It describes the important design decisions that you face as a team. These decisions invariably have an effect on the success of your project.

These decisions range from the more business-centric decisions, such as which should be your first process, to the more technical decisions, such as solution analysis and architectural considerations.

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