Implementing Mobile Document Capture with IBM Datacap Software

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Implementing Mobile Document Capture with IBM Datacap Software

Organizations face many challenges in managing ever-increasing documents that they need to conduct their businesses. IBM® content management and imaging solutions can capture, store, manage, integrate, and deliver various forms of content throughout an enterprise. These tools can help reduce costs associated with content management and help organizations deliver improved customer service. The advanced document capture capabilities are provided through IBM Datacap software.

This IBM Redbooks® publication focuses on Datacap components, system architecture, functions, and capabilities. It explains how Datacap works, how to design a document image capture solution, and how to implement the solution using Datacap Developer Tools, such as Datacap FastDoc (Admin). FastDoc is the development tool that designers use to create rules and rule sets, configure a document hierarchy and task profiles, and set up a verification panel for image verification.

A loan application example explains the advanced technologies of IBM Datacap Version 9. This scenario shows how to develop a versatile capture solution that is able to handle both structured and unstructured documents. Information about high availability, scalability, performance, backup and recovery options, preferable practices, and suggestions for designing and implementing an imaging solution is also included.

This book is intended for IT architects and professionals who are responsible for creating, improving, designing, and implementing document imaging solutions for their organizations.

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