Securing Your Critical Workloads with IBM Hyper Protect Services

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Securing Your Critical Workloads with IBM Hyper Protect Services

Many organizations must protect their mission-critical applications in production, but security threats can also surface during the development and pre-production phases. Also, during deployment and production, insiders who manage the infrastructure that hosts critical applications can pose a threat given their super-user credentials and level of access to secrets or encryption keys.

Organizations must incorporate secure design practices in their development operations and embrace DevSecOps to protect their applications from the vulnerabilities and threat vectors that can compromise their data and potentially threaten their business.

IBM® Cloud Hyper Protect Services provide built-in data-at-rest and data-in-flight protection to help developers easily build secure cloud applications by using a portfolio of cloud services that are powered by IBM LinuxONE.

The LinuxONE platform ensures that client data is always encrypted, whether at rest or in transit. This feature gives customers complete authority over sensitive data and associated workloads (which restricts access, even for cloud admins) and helps them meet regulatory compliance requirements. LinuxONE also allows customers to build mission-critical applications that require quick time to market and dependable rapid expansion.

The purpose of this IBM Redbooks® publication is to:
  • Introduce the IBM Hyper Protect Services that are running on IBM LinuxONE on the IBM Cloud™ and on-premises
  • Provide high-level design architectures
  • Describe deployment best practices
  • Provide guides to getting started and examples of the use of the Hyper Protect Services

The target audience for this book is IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Services technical specialists, IT architects, and system administrators.
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