IBM System z9 Business Class Technical Introduction

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IBM System z9 Business Class Technical Introduction

This IBM Redbooks publication introduces the IBM System z9 Business Class (z9 BC) server, which provides the advantages of the IBM System z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC) servers in a less expensive base. The z9 BC server is based on z/Architecture and provides extensions to this architecture. At the time of writing the z9 BC server is the latest product in this line. The z9 BC server provides the first implementation of zIIP special processors. It also provides an unprecedented range of capacity versions.

This book provides basic information about new hardware functions and features, associated software support, and migration considerations. It is intended for systems engineers, hardware planners, and anyone else needing to understand the new elements.

Readers are expected to be generally familiar with current IBM System z technology and terminology. This book is not intended as an introduction to mainframes. It is especially directed to readers most familiar with z890, z800, and earlier systems.

Functions new in the existing IBM z9 servers are briefly mentioned because they may not be familiar to this set of readers.
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Date Published: May 21, 2007
ISBN: 0738489352
Author: IBM Redbooks
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