Grid Computing in Research and Education

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Grid Computing in Research and Education

This IBM Redbook, Grid Computing in Research and Education, belongs to a series of documents related to grid computing that IBM is presenting to the community to enrich the IT industry and all its players: customers, industry leaders, emerging enterprises, universities, and producers of technology. It is mainly oriented to IT architects or those whom have the responsibility of analyzing the capabilities to build in a grid solution.

Part 1 presents the basics about what, why and how grid can be applied to the research and education fields.

Part 2 presents a collection of examples of real-world grid implementations that have been accomplished in the research and education world.

Part 3 describes the Teragrid project, a cyber-infrastructure that aims to solve the problem of emerging terascale applications. It also provides a hypothetical example of a research oriented grid involving multiple schedulers and multiple different components and services.

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Date Published: April 21, 2005
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