IBM iDoctor iSeries Job Watcher: Advanced Performance Tool

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This IBM Redbook is intended for those familiar with most of the IBM-provided iSeries performance tools that are generally available through the i5/OS operating systems commands and iSeries Navigator interfaces and the additional-cost Performance Tools for iSeries, 5722-PT1, licensed program.

iDoctor for iSeries is a set of software performance analysis tools and associated services that extend your ability to evaluate the health of your iSeries-based system by gathering detailed information and providing automated, graphical analysis of this data. One of these tools, Job Watcher, is the key next-step advanced tool for analyzing detailed performance data.

This book:
- Gives an overview of Job Watcher and most other IBM-provided iSeries performance measurement and management tools.
- Describes the components of performance and how Job Watcher provides access to detailed performance data.
- Provides examples of Job Watcher functions and its GUI in three applications: traditional RPG, SQL, and Java.
- Provides Job Watcher collected data file and field definitions, and SQL query examples of this data beyond Job Watcher’s array of graphical reports and drill-down information.

This book’s objective is to enhance the performance analyst’s proficiency in using Job Watcher as a key tool in the performance analysis tool kit.

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Date Published: March 11, 2005
Author: IBM Redbooks
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