IBM WebSphere and Microsoft .NET Interoperability

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IBM WebSphere and Microsoft .NET Interoperability

This IBM Redbook explores interoperability design between applications running on IBM WebSphere and Microsoft's .NET platforms at the component level and using Web Services technologies. It is a good source of information for IT architects, IT specialists, application integrators and developers who have to design and develop interoperability solutions.

Part 1, "Introduction", provides an overview of application interoperability starting with the business and technology drivers and introduces the concept of the Application Interoperability Stack, which defines a structured approach for application interoperability considerations and design.

Part 2, "Component interoperability", provides an overview for component level interoperability and considerations to help with component interoperability solution design. A sample scenario shows interoperability between the WebSphere Java service component and .NET Windows Forms application.

Part 3, "Web Services interoperability", introduces application interoperability implementation using Web Services technologies. It includes considerations to aid solution design and a sample scenario implementation showing WebSphere to .NET interoperability using Web Services technologies.
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Date Published: July 19, 2006
ISBN: 0738495573
Author: IBM Redbooks
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