Patterns: SOA Foundation - Business Process Management Scenario

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Patterns: SOA Foundation - Business Process Management Scenario

This IBM Redbook focuses on the Business Process Management service-oriented architecture (SOA) scenario of the IBM SOA Foundation.

The SOA Foundation is an integrated set of software, best practices, and patterns that are based on open standards and designed to provide you what you need to get started with service-oriented architecture.

This book describes modeling, assembling, deploying, and monitoring business processes using IBM software. It highlights the core products for Business Process Management:
- IBM WebSphere Business Modeler V6
- IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V6
- IBM WebSphere Process Server V6
- IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V6

The book also provides a complete end-to-end Business Process Management scenario implementation. Step-by-step instructions are provided for building a scenario for a fictional vehicle rental company called ITSO Speedy Rentals.

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Date Published: August 11, 2006
ISBN: 0738495913
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