IBM Tivoli Storage Management Concepts

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IBM Tivoli Storage Management Concepts

This IBM Redbook describes the features and functions of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. It introduces Tivoli Storage Management concepts for those new to storage management, in general, and to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, in particular.

This easy-to-follow guide gives a broad understanding of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software, the key technologies to know, and the solutions available to protect your business. It offers a broad understanding of how IBM Tivoli Storage Manager will work in heterogeneous environments including Windows, UNIX/Linux, OS/400, and z/OS platforms, and with mission-critical applications such as DB/2, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Exchange, SAP, and many more.

The book introduces storage management software by explaining the concepts, architecture, and systems management features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and showing available complementary products. It will help you design solutions to protect data holdings from losses ranging from those caused by user error to complete site disasters.
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Pages: 550
Date Published: March 19, 2007
ISBN: 0738497029
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-4877-04
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