Day One: Exploring IPv6

Chris Grundemann

Day One: Exploring IPv6

“Chris Grundemann has created a fantastic introduction to IPv6 that covers the protocol structure as well as Junos implementation details. This guide is easy to follow and is an easy-to-digest tutorial on getting your feet wet in IPv6. This is a great addition to the other Day One booklets that Juniper has made available to everyone.”
-Scott Hogg, Director of Advanced Technology Services, GTRI
Chair Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force

Day One: Exploring IPv6
The impending exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is prompting many network operators to take a closer look at ways to provide more address space, including IPv6 and Large Scale NAT. When deploying IPv6, you can gain a great advantage by using Juniper Networks high-end routers because IPv6 has been implemented directly in the ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit). Having IPv6 compatibility in the hardware means that IPv6 packets can be forwarded at line rate – unlike many competing routers. Additionally, the Junos OS makes configuring and troubleshooting an IPv6 network a snap. As you read this booklet and work through the topics in your lab, you’ll progressively gain a fuller understanding of IPv6 configuration and operation in Junos. The layered, methodical progression provided will get you up to speed on this crucial networking technology quickly and easily.

Day One: Exploring IPv6 shows you how to:
  • Understand IPv6 address length, and read IPv6 addresses.
  • Add family inet6 and IPv6 addresses to all types of interfaces.
  • Set up and test IPv6 neighbor discovery and how to implement static routes in IPv6.
  • Use basic IPv6 troubleshooting and verification commands, such as ping, traceroute, and various show commands.
  • Understand how the three Interior Gateway Protocols (IGPs) support IPv6: RIPng, OSPF3, and IS-IS.
About the Author
Chris Grundemann specializes in the design, implementation, and operation of large IP, Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet networks. He is JNCIE-M #449 and is currently engaged with tw telecom inc., where he is responsible for leading technology efforts toward the evaluation, design, implementation, and maintenance of existing and next-generation technologies. Chris is the founding Chair of CO ISOC, the Colorado chapter of the Internet Society, and an active participant in the ARIN policy process. He is the lead developer and chief editor for Burning With The Bush, a Juniper Networks focused news and information site, and also maintains a personal weblog aimed towards Internet related posts typically focusing on network operations, tech-policy, and the future of the Internet.
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