Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining And Start Living!

Karen Gosling

This book is the result of many years of my own life experience; adjusting through change, grief, the unexpected death of my dad, a cross-cultural marriage of 30+ years, a blended family (three step-daughters, one of whom was adopted at birth and reconnected with her biological dad in 2007), interstate relocations, living overseas, children of my own, working full time as a community and medical social worker and then a counselor in private practice, my husbandís career changes, running our own business, financial distress, hypersensitivity, anxiety, and self-esteem issues.

It is also the outcome of many years counseling people from all walks of life and socio-economic statuses in Australia and Asia, dealing with relationship issues, personal stress, adult ADD, and trauma (critical events). Time and again I taught clients the same strategies that I use myself, to get back up and keep going. Some years ago I realized that it was better to teach people these techniques BEFORE the crisis happens so that they may be better equipped to survive their own life dramas without falling into victimhood.

Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining And Start Living!

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Date Published: March 23, 2010
Author: Karen Gosling
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