Day One: Deploying Basic QoS

Guy Davies

Day One: Deploying Basic QoS

The demands being placed upon todayís networks are growing at an incredible rate. Given the rapid increase in the number of attached devices, the explosion in traffic generated by these devices, and the convergence of legacy networks designed to carry a single type of traffic in isolation Ė the old approach of simply overprovisioning to support the potential peaks of data is no longer commercially or technically feasible.

To stop this perfect storm of a log jam, Day One: Deploying Basic QoS gives you an overview of Quality of Service (QoS) concepts and then provides tools and techniques from the Junos operating system toolbox to implement a comparatively simple class-of-service configuration. Itís a start, it works, and it can be done in your test bed on day one. And true to the principles of Day One network instruction, youíll be guided through a set of basic requirements and configuration tools using multiple templates and examples from which you can derive your own valid configurations.

ďThis book is a must have for anyone seeking to configure QOS in any Juniper device due to its clarity, precision, and ease of use. Itís applicable to a wide range of engineers, from the Junos novice all the way to the expert. Guy canít help but share his immense knowledge and practical experience, adding extra value to the topic and the book as a whole.Ē - Miguel Barreiros, Senior Professional Services Consultant, Juniper Networks

  • Understand the principles of QoS, independent of any vendorís implementation.
  • Identify the basic building blocks of a QoS implementation.
  • Identify common traffic behaviors and how they can be manipulated.
  • Construct combinations of the basic building blocks in order to induce a required behavior.

About the Author
Guy Davies is a Senior Solutions Consultant in the Global PS Mobile Core Networks organization at Juniper Networks. He has worked for Juniper Networks for five years in the EMEA and Global PS organizations, helping Service Providers and large enterprises to build networks delivering large scale, high availability, and granular quality of service to their customers. Prior to Juniper Networks, Guy spent six years working for Telin- dus, a Systems Integrator, and prior to that five years at UUNET in the UK. In these roles Guy has delivered large scale MPLS and IP core and provider edge networks, subscriber management platforms, and AAA platforms, all of which have placed an ever increasing emphasis on differentiated Quality of Service. Guy is JNCIE-M #20.
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