Day One: Configuring Junos Policy and Firewall Filters

Jack W. Parks

Day One: Configuring Junos Policy and Firewall Filters

Pairing routing policy and firewall filters may, at first glance, seem like an odd combination for a routing book, after all, filters are for security and policy is about manipulating route attributes and readvertisement.

While route advertisement decisions can impact security, these two topics are more logically bundled into a single book because of the high degree of similarity in their Junos configuration syntax. Knowing one simply helps you learn the other, and given that both are critically important topics in modern IP networks, their synergy should not be ignored.

Day One: Configuring Junos Policies and Firewall Filters shows how the savvy network administrator can make unified and robust efficiencies using two similar tools from their Junos toolbox.

"Jack Parks provides clear, concise descriptions and configuration examples to illustrate basic concepts as well as complex examples that demystify policy and filter operations and capabilities that are not widely understood. this is your chance to finally understand why that nested firewall or Boolean grouped policy did not behave as you expected." Harry Reynolds, Author, Senior Test Engineer, Juniper Networks

  • Describe the features of policy, firewall filters, and policers in Junos.
  • Understand the differences between policy and firewall filters.
  • Configure policy, firewall filters, and policers in the Junos CLI .
  • Create useful policies for your network.
  • Understand how policy flow and default policy actions work in Junos.
  • Develop a foundation for advanced routing policy topics.
  • Create hierarchical policy and chain policy together.
  • Create routing policies that share or filter routes with other routers in the network.
  • Understand the configuration as it relates to firewall filters and policers and the benefits of using them in your network.
About the Author
Jack W. Parks, IV has over fifteen years experience in Information Technology, and has worked in almost every position known in the realm of IT. Most recently he has focused on Enterprise Routing and Switching, Service Provider Routing, and MPLS and VPNs. Mr. Parks holds a B.S. Business Information Systems from John Brown University and has received several industry certifications: CCIE #11685 & JNCIE-M #666. After serving eight years in the United States Air Force, Jack transitioned into the corporate world working in the large Enterprise and ISP market spaces. Jack is currently a Juniper Systems Engineer based in Atlanta, GA.
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