Day One: Junos QoS for IOS Engineers

Venkatesh Krishnan

Day One: Junos QoS for IOS Engineers

When itís time to swap out your Cisco routers with new Juniper Networks devices, use this book to optimize the QoS functionality of your new network.

QoS has become an integral part of network design given the volume of video and voice traffic over IP. While fundamentally both IOS and Junos support QoS across their plat- forms, there are still some differences in how the OSes are implemented and how they are understood.

Day One: Junos QoS for IOS Engineers addresses the needs of the IOS-trained engineer by providing side-by-side comparisons of QoS configurations and techniques in both IOS and Junos. In a few quick steps you can compare what you did yesterday with IOS to what you can do with Junos. Along the way are insights, tips, and no-nonsense explana- tions of what is taking place. If you are an engineer who is already familiar with IOS QoS, get ready to see the ĎJunos wayí in action, whether itís simply using a different syntax or a whole hierarachy.

"This Day One book is perfect for the network engineer who would like to add Class-of- Service to their network, but only has familiarity with IOS. The side-by-side comparison be- tween IOS and Junos CoS configurations makes it easy to understand and implement CoS on a Juniper device."
Chris Jones, JNCIE-ENT #272, Author of Day One: Junos for IOS Engineers

  • Design and deploy QoS on Junos devices within your network.
  • Troubleshoot basic QoS issues with Junos troubleshooting procedures.
  • Execute QoS specific Junos show commands.
  • Create QoS configuration templates for deployment.
About the Author
Venkatesh Krishnan is a Network Consultant with the Professional Services Organization at Juniper Networks specializing in design and implementation of enterprise and service provider networks. Prior to joining Juniper Networks, he has also worked in the Advanced Services team at Cisco Systems working as a Network Consulting Engineer in the Service Provider team. He has assisted in designing QoS solutions for customers both on Cisco and Juniper devices. He has been in the field of Networking and Security for over 10 years. He holds a CCIE-R&S #24243.
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