This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D

David Roy

This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D

This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D provides the curious engineer with a global view of the short life (a few milliseconds) of packets inside the Juniper Networks MX Series of 3D routers. While it may be a short life inside the router, the packets are processed by an amazing ecosystem of next generation technology.

Written by an independent network troubleshooting expert, this walkthrough is unlike any other. You'll learn advanced troubleshooting techniques, how different traffic flows are managed, not to mention witnessing a Junos CLI performance that will have you texting yourself various show commands.

This book is a testament to one of the most powerful and versatile machines on the planet and the many engineers who created it. Sit back and enjoy a network engineering book as you travel inside the MX Series 3D.

"This book is like a high-tech travel guide into the heart and soul of the MX Series 3D. David Roy is going where few people have gone and the troubleshooting discoveries he makes will amaze you. If you use the MX Series 3D, you have to read this book." -- Kannan Kothandaraman, Juniper Networks Vice President Product Line Management, Junos Software and MX Edge Routing

  • Understand the life of unicast, host, and multicast packets in the MX Series 3D hardware.
  • Carry out advanced troubleshooting of the MX Series 3D Packet Forwarding Engines.

  • Master control plane protection.

  • Understand how Class of Service is implemented at the hardware level.
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Date Published: January 6, 2015
Author: David Roy
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