Day One: Deploying Zero Touch Provisioning

Scott Reisinger

Day One: Deploying Zero Touch Provisioning

Enable Juniper EX Series Switches to automatically download their Junos OS image and then configure and discover themselves in your network management platform. Invigorating. Do it today.

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) involves a lot of UNIX configuration and very little EX Switch configuration Ė thatís the whole point Ė ZTP is extremely useful in deploying new Juniper Network equipment and has a lot of applications, whether they are in your data center or in an emergency network setup (from a hurricane to the next Rolling Stones concert).

This Day One book is for the lab. It shows you exactly how to set up and configure the Linux Dynamic Host Connect Protocol (DHCP) Server and how to get it to work with HTTP and TFTP to allow a new Juniper EX Series Switch or vSRX to automatically download its configuration and discover itself in your lab network. More experienced engineers can blast through this lab setup in a few hours, while the less experienced may take an entire Day One Ė itís all doable and itís all here, no matter your skill set or network size.

  • Know the difference between provisioning and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

  • Understand how the EX Series Switches and SRX Series devices utilize BOOTP/DHCP
  • Design a network management system that supports DHCP

  • Use CURL, TFTP, and other access methods such as SCP and SSH

  • Prepare enterprise networks for deployment

  • Automate the upgrade and configuration of devices

"If youíre planning to deploy a large network and are thinking about automating your network deployment, I highly recommend this Day One book. Not only will you find Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) concepts explained, but real-world BOOTP, HTTP, and Junos configuration examples, as well. In short, this book provides the necessary knowledge to complete a ZTP deployment in a matter of hours with step-by-step instructions and examples of how to build everything from a working DHCP/HTTP server to monitoring the process using the CLI."-- Chris Weber, PMP, VP Network Solutions, Four Points Communications

About the Author

Scott Reisinger is a Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks. He has over 12 years of experience working with devices running the Junos OS and has spent the last five years with Juniper Networks. Scott is also a 15-year veteran of the USAF, and one of the last Water Walkers.

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